Power Skin Solutions

Power Master Pack (Super Serum, Super Mask & Night Oil)


Products in this pack include:

    1. Bee Venom Super Serum for younger, brighter and vibrant skin
      This powerful bee venom serum helps combat the effects of urban pollution. Bee venom stimulates repair and radiance, Manuka honey and the unique Vinanza extract from Kiwi and grapes, brightens and tightens your skin, boosting hydration, radiance and rapid repair, bringing out your power and beauty. This is the basis to giving your skin protection and constant repair throughout the day, building radiance and luminosity.
    2. Bee venom Super Mask for stunning ageless skin
      With high concentrations of super ingredients, this powerful bee venom mask combats the effects of urban pollution, stimulating repair and radiance. The ingredients stimulate collagen production and leave your skin feeling really soft and supple. This concentrated mask can be used twice weekly as a mask, or a thin layer can be applied and left on overnight. The potent manuka honey and concentrated plant extracts are designed to promote skin smoothness and beauty.
    3. Manuka & Reishi Night Oil for smooth, even-toned and radiant skin
      This concentrated night oil is a beautiful blend to create smoother, younger looking even-toned skin, with a lovely luminosity so you face the day feeling empowered. Reishi mushrooms are renown for longevity, combined with so many nutritious oils, jojoba, chia and rosehip. The licorice extract glabradin is amazing for creating even skin tone and reducing pigmentation. The special essential oils rose otto, yuzu and ylang ylang all help create younger more vital skin.

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