Power Skin Solutions

Winter Skin Support Pack

$126.45 $210.75

Enjoy beautifully moist and glowing skin this Winter. The Winter Skin Support Pack from Power Skin Solutions keeps those winter wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Includes -

  • Super Mask for gentle exfoliation, refining pores, and removing debris
  • Reishi and Manuka Night Oil to keep your skin perfectly balanced, glowing and youthful
  • Anti-Ageing Moisturiser for increased moisture and skin protection.

It's very common in Winter for skin to experience increased dryness and for wrinkles to appear or become aggravated due to increased exposure to indoor heating, the cold of the outdoors, and an increased tendency to wear more makeup. All of these place more stress on your skin, which requires more natural oil, nourishment and protection to compensate. 

Please see the individual products for details on the ingredients, and more information.

High potency 100% natural skincare. Designed for maximum effectiveness, and sheer luxury to use.

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