Are Natural Products Really Effective For Modern Skin Issues?

Are they good enough for modern skin challenges like rosacea, hormonal acne and the impact of urban living?

Like most things, the way we look at skincare needs to constantly be evolving to really understand the relationship between what our skin needs to support these issues while delivering really positive results.

Since starting in the industry I have seen many changes in skincare trends. People want potent, natural products that will show effective results and actually solve skin issues. It’s not just about what’s in a product, but making sure there are effective amounts that can do the job.

The quest for smooth supple skin has been going on for thousands of years. Did you know one of the earliest formulations was 2000 years ago by a Greek named Galen? He created a moisturiser made from beeswax, rose water and olive oil.  That recipe is still used today and is called a ‘galenic’. This mixture has stood the test of time but as the world around us changes, so does the need for natural ingredients to work in different ways.

We are seeing the impact of pollution and more recently EMF’s (Electromagnetic field) from our phones, TV’s and computers and our skin are not coping.  Through recent studies, we are seeing a major collagen breakdown which causes a variety of issues like early aging, flaky patches, spots, clogged skin, red veins. 

Historically people identify your skin type as oily, dry or a combination to find the correct solution suitable for you. This is now outdated and to help with these new symptoms, we need to find a way to manage this all at once.

Hydration and healing are needed more than ever. Power products do just that. I pride myself in making sure that next to your skin is a range of ingredients that combine together to protect, nourish, heal and hydrate.

Of course, the quality of ingredients is so important, and how they have been extracted and used in the product.  I believe skincare is like food, it needs to be carefully grown and harvested and then prepared properly for you to get the best benefit from it.  Along with quality equally important is the quantity of ingredients, especially when some brands add an ingredient based on cost rather than function.

Our Hero Bee venom is a great example. This costs $90,000 a kilo, it’s more expensive than gold.  Many products, especially those in the tourist market,  will only have 0.001% which is not going to have any effect at all. We add 30 times more and that why we get effective and instant results.

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