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Facial flushing, almost permanent skin redness, burning, itching, pustules, pimples, dilated capillaries, enlarged pores, flakey or scaly skin, dry skin, oily skin, and bumps can all be symptoms of rosacea. Symptoms can come, go and change - and triggers vary from person to person and time to time.

The very best solution is a holistic approach which includes an effective rosacea skin care regime. Here are 3 simple principles (and the relevant products) for treating your rosacea.

3 Simple Principles For Rosacea Skin Care

1. Do No Damage

Stop using skin care products that contain nasty ingredients, and could be damaging your skin and triggering flare ups.

It's best to choose only high quality "clean" skin care, and avoid anything that contains parabens, petrolatums, silicones and more.

Throw away the skin care that could aggravate your rosacea (regardless of how expensive they are or were, or how reputable the brand). 

2. Relieve Symptoms

The most urgent need for you as a rosacea sufferer is to get some quick relief from the symptoms that are affecting you.

It's best to choose solutions that provide the relief you seek, without compromising the long term health of your skin (or body).

Nature has some wonderful natural anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories and coolants.

3. Improve Skin Health

Healthy skin that's free from the symptoms of rosacea is possible.

To achieve this, it's important to follow a skin care regime that restore's balance to your skin's acid mantle, repairs damage, and stimulates the production of healthy new skin cells to improve skin health.

There's a big difference between hiding the symptoms of rosacea, and treating it.

Rosacea Skin Care - by Power 

Power Skin Solutions are the leaders in high potency natural skin care for treating rosacea. Proudly certified by SafeCosmetics Australia. 

Rosacea Power Pack Skin Care - Power Skin Solutions

Rosacea Power Pack

Use the Rosacea Power Pack to -

- reduce and eliminate redness
- smooth bumps and lumps
- soothe itchy, burning, inflamed skin
- blitz pimples and pustules
- refine and unclog pores
- stimulate production of collagen and healthy new skin cells
- restore natural pH balance to your skin

It is ideal for you if you are serious about addressing the symptoms of rosacea while restoring your skin to it's radiant optimal health. 100% natural with natural, anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.

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Rosacea Support Moisturiser - Power Skin Solutions

Rosacea Support Moisturiser

The Rosacea Support Moisturiser is ideal as a day cream for sensitive rosacea skin. Use it to - 

- provide hydration and moisturise
- promote healing to the compromised skin barrier of rosacea skin
- stimulate collagen synthesis without irritating sensitive skin
- increase skin brightness
- reduce pigmentation
- repair skin damage

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Rosacea Skin Soother skin care by Power Skin SolutionsSkin

Skin Soother

The Rosacea Skin Soother is perfect you if you experience  hot inflamed, irritated or red skin. Use it to -

- provide instant relief
- restore balance
- rejuvenate tired or damaged skin
- prevent flare ups when used prior to (or after) exposure to heat, cold or exercise.

Suitable for acne, eczema, rosacea and sensitive skin of any kind. Featuring the anti-inflammatory Kunzea Oil, German Chamomile, Kakadu Plum Extract, Oil Soluble Vitamin C and Sea Buckthorn Oil. Best used once or twice a day on clean skin.

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Cooling Anti-redness Gel for Rosacea by Power Skin Solutions

Cooling Anti-Redness Gel

Use the Cooling Anti-Redness Gel if you're experiencing hot, flushed or itchy skin, or skin redness. Perfect for calming a rosacea flare up. Can even be applied over makeup.

Carry it with you to use as and when needed, for immediate and significant relief. It soothes, calms and cools.

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Rosacea Power Pack
Rosacea Power Pack

Rosacea Power Pack

Rosacea Support Moisturiser
Rosacea Support Moisturiser

Rosacea Support Moisturiser

Skin Soother
Skin Soother

Skin Soother

Cooling Anti-Redness Gel
Cooling Anti-Redness Gel

Cooling Anti-Redness Gel


Use Yoghurt To Cleanse

Our favourite skin care tip is to use plain unsweetened yoghurt with acidophilis as a cleanser (dairy or coconut). For most people it's best to do a double cleanse once a day in the evening.

The yoghurt cleanser is the perfect pH for your skin and will cleanse without stripping the natural oils you need from your skin. It feels divine and cooling, and your skin will feel so soft afterwards that you will be amazed.

It is the perfect way to prepare your skin for all the goodness in your rosacea skin care products.

Go on - try it. Learn more...

Free Personalised Rosacea Skin Assessment

 If you're not sure where to start, or what to choose - there's no need to guess.

We offer a free rosacea skin assessment, providing personalised recommendations on how to treat your skin naturally and holistically - including nutrition, diet and skin care regime.

Simply complete a questionnaire online, upload a photo and we'll send you a detailed report within days.

Free Skin Assessment
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