The founder

Suzanne Hall MNZM is one of the first and most awarded natural skin formulators in the world (winning 28 international awards). She’s been at the forefront of problem-solving skin problems naturally for almost 40 years.

As a teenager Suzanne suffered from severe skin issues. It was a difficult and challenging time in her life, but it drove her to find natural solutions for rosacea, acne, hormonal acne, wrinkles and premature aging which have now benefitted 100,000's of people.

Her first research was with manuka oil and manuka honey from New Zealand, and more recently with bee venom recognising the power of bee venom to build collagen naturally.

She has been profiled in many prominent magazines like Marie Claire, Wallpaper and Japanese and German Vogue for both her work with building ethical companies and creating award-winning natural skincare.

Suzanne was honoured with the prestigious award by Queen Elizabeth II with the New Zealand Order of Merit for her contribution to the business.

A serial entrepreneur, Suzanne is working across many projects that build health, resilience, and help solve social issues facing the world that include. Revenue from her skincare projects also goes to help projects that are working in youth mental health and suicide prevention.

She has formulated brands such as Living Nature (which she began in 1987), Organic Riot, Power and Natural Passion.

"I feel so passionate about solving the many issues we face living in this urban world. We are facing stressors like never before and we’re seeing this in our skin.

As one of the earliest natural skincare creators, and original founder and formulator of Living Nature, I’ve combined over 3 decades of experience and wisdom to bring to you Power Skin Solutions. My passion is to combine science and nature. The result are powerful extracts and the energy of New Zealand that we use when we create some of the most active products on the planet."
 Suzanne Hall MNZM Founder

Suzanne Hall MNZM - Natural Skin Care Scientist & Pioneer with bee venom and manuka honey


Our packaging was created from a combination of ideas and features that magical birds of New Zealand – the tui and the huia. Because of their personality, the tui is associated with life fulfilment, confidence and spiritual harmony. In Māori culture, the tui has powerful significance. They act as messengers to the gods in the heavens. They were the mediums to help communicate with the gods and goddesses of Māori beliefs.

“Huia e huia, tangata kotahi!”
“Huia, your destiny is to bring everyone together!”
— Māori proverb

Once the sacred guardian of New Zealand’s native forests, the huia was a symbol of the land’s unique beauty and spirituality. The huia was one of the most sacred birds for Māori and feathers were given as a token of friendship and respect. Using this extinct bird is a reminder to care for our planet and care for the flora and fauna that make living on this planet so special.


Inspired by the sacred geometry of Plato, with a sense of the beehive and the simplicity and complexity of the circle and triangles. Our wonderful designer Karl Mony then used this to suggest the form of a bee by a clever shaping of the lines.