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Power Bundles - for firmer, glowing, healthy skin

Say goodbye to wrinkles, dry scaly skin, acne, rosacea, hormonal acne, fine lines, pigmentation and spots.

Power of New Zealand - for firmer, glowing, healthy skin

We have created for you

Potent natural skincare for the healthiest skin and to manage rosacea, acne, and anti-aging

You can have healthy beautiful skin, even when our modern day environment can make this challenging. 

Urban pollution, poor nutrition, and EMF’s from our phones, TVs and computers are resulting in – acne, dry and scaly skin, premature aging of the skin and wrinkles, hormonal acne, rosacea, pigmentation, flaky patches, spots, itchiness, inflammation and red veins.

After over 40 years of experience we know that a holistic approach that includes potent natural clean skincare products as part of your journey to health.

Supporters of sustainability - manuka honey and bee venom

Empowerment, kindness, sustainability

We aim to contribute to a world of empowered people. To collaborate and support beekeepers, natural growers and healthy habits. To inspire and encourage kindness to our skin, ourselves and our communities. To mentor businesses that have a global sustainable focus.

Behind Power

During her 40-year career, Suzanne Hall MNZM is one of the first and most awarded natural skin formulators in the world.

She has been profiled in many prominent magazines like Marie Claire, Wallpaper and Japanese and German Vogue for both her work with building ethical companies and creating award winning natural skincare. Read more...

Suzanne Hall - MNZM - Natural Skincare Scientist - manuka honey and bee venom


Power of New Zealand - Natural Skincare