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How To Treat Rosacea (The Complete Guide)

Best rosacea treatment Power Skin Solutions

If you're feeling a bit deflated after trying rosacea treatment after rosacea treatment that hasn't worked, please don't lose hope. It IS possible to have healthy beautiful skin which is free from the symptoms of rosacea.

And the most effective and long lasting rosacea treatment that I've found is a holistic approach that addresses the causes, and not just the symptoms.

This holistic approach is a sensible approach that's worked for 1000's of people and  includes 4 critical components -

1. identify and reduce triggers
2. correct skin care routine
3. nutritional boost and
4. love your skin.

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What's In This Article

What is rosacea?
What causes rosacea?
Is your rosacea diagnosis correct? 
What to look for in a rosacea treatment
What rosacea treatments are available?

Four components of holistic rosacea treatment
1. Identify and reduce personal triggers
2. Correct skin care regime
What do your rosacea skin care products need to do?
- What is correct cleansing, and why is it important?
- An effective and simple skin care regime
3. Nutritional boost 
- Ultimate Skin Smoothie Recipe
4. Love your skin

Are there any guarantees?

Do you have a question?

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition which most commonly begins with facial redness or flush across your face, cheeks, nose, forehead or chin (pre-rosacea).

Left untreated it can morph into rosacea with acne or vascular rosacea where the skin becomes more sensitive, sore, inflamed, scaly, itchy, the pores become enlarged, pimples and pustules appear. But it can get even worse with bumps, visible thickening of the skin, or red blisters appearing on your nose, cheek, forehead or chin, and rhinophyma.

The symptoms of rosacea, and the conditions that trigger rosacea flare ups vary from person to person. This is one reason why rosacea is so challenging to diagnose and treat.

Rosacea symptoms. Facial redness. Red flush across your face cheeks, nose, forehead or chin. May include pimples, pustules, scaly skin, itchy skin, inflammation, enlarged pores.

Rosacea symptoms - Power Skin Solutions

What causes rosacea?

Rosacea can be the result of a genetic pre-disposition. What we are seeing is an increase in rosacea symptoms for a multitude of other factors. It is a reflection of what is happening on the inside such as poor gut health. Approximately 6% of the population are affected by rosacea  (both men and women), and this number is growing rapidly.

Urban pollution, EMFs, soil depletion, modern day highly processed foods and beverages, compromised water quality, and stress all contribute to rosacea flare ups - and these are all on the rise. 

The triggers most likely to be directly associated with a rosacea flare up include excessive exposure to urban pollution and EMFs, spicy food (usually 1 or 2 specific spices which vary from person to person), some types of alcohol, sun, wind, stress, and toxins such as those found in many skin care products.  

Our skin is our body’s first line of defence when dealing with toxins and stressors; and our face is often the most exposed. 

Rosacea causes. Genetics, poor gut health, and triggers such as pollution, EMFs, spicy foods, alcohol, sun and wind, nutritional deficiencies, and stress.

Is your rosacea diagnosis correct?

It's common for people (even experts and doctors) to think that rosacea is when you have facial redness or flushed cheeks, or have damaged skin such as spider veins that look like a flushed cheek.

While both of these are symptoms of rosacea, neither alone mean you have rosacea. The flushed cheeks can be a reaction to food, drink or medication as well as stress. Spider veins can be from wind and sun damage, EMF’s, and harsh cleansers on this very exposed and delicate area of the face.

It's more likely that you suffer from rosacea when you suffer from a number of the symptoms - not just one. Oh, and if you do have spider veins the only suitable treatment option is laser therapy.

What to look for in a rosacea treatment?

Yes, it  is definitely possible to restore healthy beautiful skin which is free from the symptoms of rosacea. But to do this, it's best to treat the causes of rosacea and not just the symptoms. 

There are two real concerns in opting for treatments that only hide the symptoms of your rosacea, or provide short term relief.

1. Your rosacea could be progressing into a more sinister form of rosacea without you being aware of it. If your rosacea becomes worse, it will become more difficult to treat and hide.

2. The appearance and feel of your skin may improve in the short term (great if you have a special occasion etc coming up), but the result may be additional long term skin damage.

Treating one symptom often creates a new different symptom or condition, and can leave you feeling a little like a dog chasing its tail.

The ideal rosacea treatment. Addresses the causes of rosacea as well as the symptoms. It will simultaneously improve the appearance, feel, and long term health of your skin. 

What rosacea treatments are available?

Rosacea treatments

There are many options for treating rosacea - topical anti-biotics, oral anti-biotics, steroids, retinoids, laser and light therapies, skin care products and holistic approaches that include changes to diet and lifestyle.

Each has their own pros and cons which  we go into in more depth in The Good, Bad and Ugly Of Rosacea Treatments. Just remember that the choice is always yours and it's best to go into it with your eyes wide open. We can't always rely on experts in their fields to provide an unbiased opinion. You may need some trial and error to figure out which is best for you.

A holistic approach to treating rosacea

How to treat rosacea - Power Skin Solutions

Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets when it comes to a long-term rosacea solution. I found this out the hard way after years of suffering from rosacea, and trying almost every rosacea treatment known to mankind.

The ONLY solution that worked for me without causing long term damage was a holistic approach which addresses all of the causes of rosacea, and rosacea flare ups.

A holistic rosacea treatment includes four fundamental pillars. Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail -

Rosacea triggers and flare ups

A trigger is anything that results in a rosacea flare up. You will have rosacea triggers that are specific to you, so you’ll need to identify what your triggers are.

To do this I recommend keeping a diary of your exposure to triggers and your rosacea symptoms, flare ups and breakouts. Please bare in mind that symptoms may come and go depending on your stress levels, and some triggers and solutions take days to take effect.

It’s important to understand and reduce your rosacea triggers as much as possible. This helps to prevent the overt dilation of the blood vessels, which results in your skin losing some elasticity. This loss of elasticity causes dilated capillaries on the face which then remain in a constant dilated state. The result is inflammation, and the telltale redness that rosacea is known for.

And remember, just because something has been identified as a common trigger, it doesn't mean that it is a trigger for you. It's not necessary  to avoid all common triggers.

The most common rosacea triggers are: 

Rosacea triggers and flare upsPower Skin Solutions Skin care routine rosacea

A correct skin care regime is one that includes the use of “clean” skin care products that treat the symptoms of rosacea AND improve the health of your skin. 

What do we mean by clean skin care products?

Well, there's quite a movement happening around “clean” skin care for good reason. Clean skin care products are those hair and skin care products that don’t include the “nasty” ingredients that anyone who values beautiful healthy skin, and overall health and wellbeing should stay well away from.

Nasty ingredients which are best to avoid include -  

Nasty skin care ingredients rosacea

Oh, and please don’t assume that just because a dermatologist or doctor has recommended a product that it’s free from these ingredients and a “clean” product. This is often not part of their training, or on their radar.

Also, there’s a common misconception that all essential oils are bad for your skin. This is not the case. Some are to be avoided, and some are very beneficial.  The essential oils to avoid if you have rosacea are Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Peppermint, Menthol, Wintergreen, Oregano and Sage.

And of course, all our products at Power Skin Solutions are "clean", and are high potency natural skin care which is eco friendly.

What do your rosacea skin care products need to do for you?

It’s common for skin care products to be promoted as a rosacea treatment when they're really only addressing some of the symptoms of rosacea such as reducing redness, soothing or calming. Don't get me wrong - it's important to address these symptoms.

But, the best rosacea skin care treatments go much further than that. Not only do they relieve the symptoms of rosacea, they restore the pH balance of your skin’s acid mantle, and stimulate the production of healthy new skin cells.

Your ideal rosacea skin care regime needs to

- cleanse without stripping natural oils from your skin
- protect your skin from damage
- provide deep hydration
- feed your skin with super nourishment (a super food for skin)
- detoxify, remove dead cells, and unclog pores without harsh scrubbing or exfoliation,
promote healing and regeneration

One thing you may not realise is that there is a difference between “active skin care” and “passive skin care”. 

- Passive skin care can feel wonderful, but doesn’t improve the health of your skin. 
- Active skin care gets to work changing the health and structure of your skin. It might feel warm and tingly, and may even cause a flush for up to 30 minutes. It feels like this because it’s increasing circulation and stimulating cell activity.

What is correct cleansing, and why is it so important?

Correct cleansing and exfoliation rosacea
correct cleansing and exfoliation rosacea

Cleansing prepares your skin to receive whatever skincare products you’re using, and gives your skin a chance to breathe, heal and revitalise. So, it's incredibly important.

Unfortunately many cleansing products strip the natural oils that are essential for healthy skin. This upsets the balance of your acid mantle, and may also result in your body over-compensating by producing too much oil. This is what can contribute to oily, pimply skin.

One of the easiest and very best cleansers is natural unsweetened yoghurt – dairy or coconut yoghurt – both are fine.

Believe it or not, yoghurt is the perfect pH balance for your skin. It not only cleanses your skin, but a double cleanse with yoghurt also acts as a gentle exfoliant – clearing debris and pores, and reducing pore size. From a molecular level it contains some really beneficial ingredients for strengthening skin. 

An effective and simple skin care routine

Skin care routines can be so complicated, can’t they? I much prefer a simple routine and I’ve found this one works a charm for men and women of all ages who suffer from rosacea.

Evening Routine

Step 1: Double cleanse with yoghurt

Double cleanse ONCE daily in the evening with natural unsweetened yoghurt. It will remove all that is stressing your skin such as dirt, grime, urban pollution and EMFs from phone/TV etc. Yes, EMFs are a big deal for your skin. In fact, it’s quite common for rosacea sufferers to have more pronounced rosacea on the side of the face that they hold their phone on.

How to double cleanse –
Apply ½ teaspoon of yoghurt gently, and lovingly to your skin, and massage gently.
Rinse off with tepid water

If you prefer not to use yoghurt to cleanse, then the Power Gentle Cleansing Oil is a great alternative.

Step 2: Apply Power Super Mask (2-3 times per week)

To gently draw toxins from your skin, remove dead or dying cells, and unclog and refine pores apply the Power Super Mask 2-3 times per week. The New Zealand halloysite clay in the mask gently draws out toxins and removes debris, and the bee venom (ethically sourced) tricks your skin into producing more collagen naturally.

Apply Power Super Mask and leave on for 20 minutes
Rinse off with tepid water (room temperature)

Step 3: Nourish and repair

Your skin is now ready to receive all of the natural goodness that you’re about to feed it, so your skin can heal and restore as your sleep.

On your fingertips combine one pump of Power Super Serum (it’s like a super food for your skin, and provides deep hydration) with 3-4 drops of the Manuka and Reishi Night Oil (legendary properties for rejuvenation). Gently massage into your skin.

Step 4: Relax and sleep

Allow your body and skin to heal and rejuvenate – and do what it’s built to do naturally. If you’re feeling stressed you may wish to relax with the help of meditation.

Morning Routine

Step 1. Tepid water cleanse

Rinse your face with tepid water only, and massage the remaining natural oils into your skin.

NB There is an exception to this. If you have infected pustules, do a yoghurt double cleanse in the morning as well as evening, and also change your pillow slips nightly. (Adding a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the washing machine really helps kill any bacteria and gives such a fresh fragrance to your pillow cases)

Step 2: Nourish, soothe and protect skin

Apply Power Super Serum to the whole of your face for super hydration and nourishment.
Apply your Rosacea Support Moisturiser to protect, heal and moisturise; or your favourite natural day cream.
Apply a “clean” sunscreen. We like this ethical zinc sunscreen….

(NB if you’re using a day cream with zinc you don’t need to apply a sunscreen too)

Notes  -

If your skin is inflamed, sore, or itchy
: Try the Power Skin Soother featuring the incredible German Chamomile to soothe and calm.

If your skin feels dry and you have no spots: You may also want to start using the Power Vitamin C serum. It will also work to boost the health and beauty of your skin. You can combine with the Power Super Serum as a day cream under makeup or sunscreen.

Makeup foundation: If you wish to wear makeup, apply a mineral foundation that includes zinc. 

If you're currently using topical steroids, and retinoids it's best to stop using them before you start this regime. This routine is designed to restore your skin to it’s perfect natural balance and beauty. Use of other topical treatments are likely to interfere with this process.

And if you’re taking a cycle of oral antibiotics, then it’s ok to finish the cycle while using the Power products. However, I don't really recommend oral anti-biotics for rosacea. Rosacea is not an infection, and the skin care does just as well if not better as an anti-inflammatory without the harmful side effects.

It's always wise to patch test any products before you start using them on your face. I recommend patch testing on the inside of your wrist with all our products. If you do react with swelling or discomfort, please let us know. We either provide an alternative for free, or refund.

Oh, and if you're keen to give this routine a try check out the Rosacea Power Pack which includes the Power Super Serum, Power Super Mask and Manuka and Reishi Night Oil, and saves you 20%. 

Rosacea food, nutrition, diet Power Skin Solutions

By identifying the foods and beverages that trigger your rosacea flare ups you’ll soon be quite aware of what you should avoid wherever possible. And as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to stay away from trans-fatty acids and sugar.

In fact, do you know that sugar causes acidity and inflammation which will aggravate your rosacea and contribute to an increased incidence and severity of flare ups. And when we say sugar - that includes white bread, white rice, artificial sweeteners and may even include honey.

But what’s rarely spoken of are the nutritional deficiencies that aggravate your rosacea and may be preventing your skin from being as healthy and beautiful as it can be. Just as we feed the skin from the outside, we also need to feed the skin from the inside.

I’ve found that a really simple way to include the nutrition I need for my skin is to add the Ultimate Skin Smoothie to my diet at least 2-3 times per week. Ideally it’s daily – but that’s not always realistic. 

Ultimate Skin Smoothie Recipe

Handful of fresh spinach
10cm of a cucumber
Half an avocado
2 celery stalks
Half an apple
2 tsp colloidal minerals (5 star)
2 tbsp colloidal silver (choose “true” colloidal silver)
1 tbsp MCT oil
Water to the desired consistency

(Add Evening Primrose Oil if you’re breaking out in hormonal spots pre-period, or your skin is particularly dry)

.Variations – you can use any leafy green vegetables. Beet leaves are an amazing source of potassium. Coconut oil can be used instead of MCT oil. If you don’t have access to colloidal minerals, silver or MCT, that’s fine, they are just a good boost. If you’re taking evening primrose oil, it can be good to add into the smoothie too.  

It can be quite tempting to rely on powder mixes and supplements but it’s incredibly important to include fresh produce in your regime. Supplements and powders can be used to provide a nutritional boost, but are not a replacement for fresh produce. This is because our skin and body needs enzymes to digest and soothe the skin. Powders are great nutrients, but please use alongside fresh produce.

You’ll notice you don’t need as much, and you’ll get an enhanced effect.  

Best skin care treatment rosacea Power Skin Solutions

Rosacea symptoms are your body’s defense system telling you that something is wrong. It can prompt some really good healthy choices that actually could be life saving by avoiding unhealthy habits.

And it's important to love and accept your skin, to feel grateful for the job it does, and look after it. Only then can it be the best and most beautiful that it can be.

As a rosacea sufferer I spent years feeling bad about myself, losing self confidence and self esteem. One of my greatest rewards for the work I do is hearing from customers about how their confidence and self esteem is growing.

For some though, even when the skin is healed and beautiful the psychological scars may remain. It really saddens me when I see photos from rosacea sufferers who can't see their beauty, even when their skin starts healing. We get so used to seeing the faults in our skin, and that isn't helpful.

I know it sounds a little woowoo, but if you're struggling to love your skin try speaking lovingly to yourself and your skin.

Try this ... write on your mirror or say out loud when you apply your skincare … “thank you body for helping me be healthier. My skin is getting stronger and more beautiful every day.”

Or you can write your own positive statement that feels right for you to try? 

Are there any guarantees?

I’ve been recommending this holistic approach and rosacea skin care regime for the past year, and it’s working brilliantly for more than 95% of people who have tried it.

Occasionally I hear from customers who need a little extra help, and we need to tweak the regime a little for them. It’s a bit like detective work to figure it out, but we're happy to help and we almost always get there. (If you'd like to receive a free personalised report on how to treat your rosacea click here.)

Even after 40 years, it still makes my heart melt when I hear from people like Olivia who tell us that she's had a life transformation from using our products.

Olivia was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and rosacea. She described her skin as lobster red, puffy, sore, bumpy cheeks and kneck. She couldn't even cover it with makeup due to the bumps. The time lag between the two photos below is just two weeks of using the Rosacea Power Pack and yoghurt cleanse.  

Rosacea before and after Power Skin Solutions

You can read more about Olivia's story in her testimonial at the bottom of this article, as well as many others. I'm sure you'll find them as inspiring as I do.

If you follow this holistic approach as directed for 90 days, and give us the opportunity to help you the best we can, I guarantee you'll be really happy with the results. That's why I offer a money back guarantee to refund the cost of your Rosacea Power Pack.

Do you have a question?

If you still have questions about how to treat your rosacea, please do take advantage of our expertise and experience by requesting your Free Personal Rosacea Assessment. And if you have any questions about the Rosacea Power Pack, and other rosacea products please drop the team and I a note to

 I'm so looking forward to helping you to bring out the best in your skin with a holistic approach, and beautiful high potency natural skin care. 

All my love,

Suzanne Hall Power Skin Solutions

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