Is It Really Possible To Reverse Ageing?

As we’re all on the search for smooth, healthy, clear, translucent and resilient skin, what really works?

What inspires me to keep creating and formulating is learning that as I get closer to 60, what I’m needing in my skincare is different to when I was 20 years old when I first started creating natural skincare ranges.

The foundation of younger skin is complex and has two main components, collagen that gives firmness and hyaluronic acid that plumps the skin. (Hyaluronic acid is what ‘fillers’ are made of).  As we age the collagen matrix collapses and we lose hyaluronic acid (HLA).  It’s my job to create products that build these backups. Yes, it is possible to reverse ageing and create smoother skin we just need to provide ourselves with nutrients in our skincare that stimulates collagen production, hydration and rebuilds the hyaluronic acid that gives our skin suppleness. So why don’t we just smother our skin with collagen? Firstly we can’t absorb collagen through our skin, while collagen products can make the skin feel nice, they don’t impact on the collagen beneath our skin that gives firmness. 

What we need to do is stimulate our bodies to produce more collagen.  Many skincare ingredients sit on the surface of the skin and provide good nutrients and protection, but need to be very small molecules to penetrate the skin and cause biological changes. This is one of the amazing features about bee venom, it creates a very strong response in the skin and promotes collagen production like nothing else. It literally scares the skin into building collagen.

As I am passionate about the environment and supporting local New Zealand industries using bee venom was to support the bee industry as it costs $90,000 a kilo as they work very carefully to ensure that no Bees are harmed in the process of extracting the Venom. I had expected that maybe the effect of bee venom on the skin was a bit of hype, but the difference is really significant, the skin strengthens and smoothens really fast, especially helping repair sun damage. We’ve combined the bee venom with so many other nutritious ingredients such as low and high molecular hyaluronic acid that your skin responds quickly with smoother more resilient skin, especially around the eye area, you’ll notice a difference really quickly.

For anti-ageing, I have designed Power products to supplement any other natural range of cleanser and day creams. The Super Serum, Mask and Reishi & Mushroom night oil are products which I am so passionate about and I know that once you try them you will be too.

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