What's The Best Skincare Routine & Treatment For Rosacea?

The Truth About Rosacea Treatment

Are you sick of the painful and distressing symptoms of rosacea - but discovering that the possible treatments either don't work, are expensive, require prescription, or have nasty side effects (such as sensitivity to sunlight and cold, damaged and dull skin, compromised immunity, or you feeling sick and out of sorts)?

Sadly the reality is that when it comes to rosacea treatment, most treatments only address one or two symptoms, and end up creating other problems.

As an example - some rosacea treatments dry up pimples and pustules - but leave your skin dry, and covered in eczema. And did you know that retinoids which are commonly used for rosacea treatment and anti-aging may reduce the appearance of pus-filled or red bumps, but can make skin redness and spider veins look even worse.

In fact, rosacea treatment tends to hide the symptoms, and doesn't actually treat the rosacea? That's a very real concern because it masks the fact that behind that symptom relief - your rosacea is extremely likely to be developing into something far more sinister and serious. Something that will be a much bigger deal to treat later.

That redness or flush across your face, cheeks, nose, forehead or chin is just the beginning signs of rosacea (pre-rosacea). Left untreated it can morph into rosacea with acne or vascular rosacea where the skin becomes more sensitive, sore, inflamed, scaly, itchy, the pores become enlargened, pimples and pustules appear. But it can get even worse with bumps, visible thickening of the skin, or red blisters appearing on your nose, cheek, forehead or chin. 

How To Treat Rosacea Effectively

Rosacea affects approximately 414,900,000 people worldwide. Unfortunately there is no cure, but the great news is that there have been significant gains in knowing how to treat rosacea effectively. There are proven ways to manage your rosacea, eliminate the symptoms, and prevent it from getting worse.  

What makes rosacea incredibly hard to treat is that it is more a series of symptoms than a condition, with symptoms and triggers that vary from person to person. Treating one symptom often creates a new different symptom or condition.

So, it's best to treat the causes and triggers. Rosacea is often genetic, but there are a combination of rosacea triggers which can differ for each of us and change over time. 

The key is to understand and eliminate these triggers as much as possible to help prevent overt dilation of the blood vessels, since each time this happens they lose some elasticity. This loss of elasticity results in dilated capillaries on the face, because they remain in a constant dilated stated - giving the telltale redness that rosacea is known for. 

What Causes Rosacea and Rosacea Flare Ups?

Most rosacea sufferers have a genetic predisposition, which is exacerbated by triggers. The most common rosacea causes and triggers which result in rosacea flare ups and breakouts include –

  • Incorrect facial cleansing which creates a pH imbalance in your skin
  • Wind and sun - extreme heat and cold
  • Stress
  • Incorrect nutrition – lack of essential vitamins and minerals – and too many trans-fatty acids
  • Coffee, spices and alcohol
  • Urban pollution
  • EMFs (Electromagnetic fields from TV, computers etc)
  • Steroids
  • Lack of pro-biotics and digestive enzymes
  • Makeup and skincare products that include alcohol, parabens, silicones, petrolatum, BHA, DEA, Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Triclosan.

We recommend keeping a diary of your exposure to these triggers and your rosacea to track which triggers contribute most to your rosacea flare ups and breakouts.

One thing that makes rosacea treatment even more confusing is that symptoms may come and go depending on your stress levels, and some triggers and solutions take days to take effect. 

What’s The Best Treatment For Your Rosacea?

If you truly want a rosacea treatment that works (and won't simply hide symptoms) it pays to treat your rosacea holistically with both internal and external treatments.

Here is what we recommend as a holistic rosacea treatment that is highly effective in eliminating flare ups and breakouts, and has the added advantage of being a powerful formula for anti-aging as well - 

  • Correct cleansing - we recommend double cleansing once per day, in the evening, with unsweetened natural yoghurt. This avoids over-cleansing or under cleansing, and removes EMFs at night for maximum skin restoration
  • The right minerals and vitamins to supplement your nutrition - it's more about what you add to your diet than what you take out - eg a green leafy smoothie daily and good fats found in fish, meat, activated nuts, and seeds. Avoid transfatty acids at all costs such as processed foods like potato chips and chemically extracted vegetable oils. Twice daily pro-biotics.
  • High potency skincare products that don't contain the triggers mentioned earlier. It's also important to avoid exfoliants - as these are too harsh for your sensitive rosacea skin. Be careful about your shampoo too
  • Reduce stress wherever possible - introduce calming influences such as meditations
  • Recommended daily intake of clean water
  • Rosacea friendly makeup such as foundations and day creams that include zinc 

What Skin Care Products To Choose

Best skin care for rosacea - with bee venom serum

The primary functions to look for in your skincare are ones that will improve the overall health and pH balance of your skin, while treating your rosacea symptoms at the same time. 

Your skincare products need to provide - deep hydration - super nourishment - stimulation of healthy cell production - soothing and calming -  detoxification - removal of dead cells and unclogging pores

This is what the Rosacea Power Pack from Power of New Zealand has been designed to do. 

The Best Skincare Routine For Rosacea

The secret to the best skincare routine for rosacea is to soothe, calm and heal - without overcleansing, and without exfoliating. You want to restore the pH balance in your skin by creating a healthy acid mantle.

In this video, Suzanne Hall - natural skincare scientist explains what it takes to improve the health of your skin's acid mantle, and the best skincare routine for rosacea.


The Rosacea Power Pack

The Rosacea Power Pack from Power Skin Solutions has been scientifically formulated and tested. It provides everything you need for healthy skin while treating rosacea symptoms at the same time. It's a highly effective yet luxurious skincare range for those who are serious about treating their rosacea (not just hiding it). 

The high potency Rosacea Power Pack has been formulated by Suzanne Hall after her own experience as a rosacea sufferer that led to her becoming a pioneer in skincare science.

The Rosacea Power Pack certainly packs a punch, while being gentle on your skin - and includes the...

  • Power Super Mask
  • Power Super  Bee Venom Serum
  • Power Manuka & Reishi Night Oil


Best skin care for routine for rosacea and acne - Power Skin Solutions

Power Super Serum - (with bee venom)

The Power Super Serum is like a superfood for your skin that allows your skin to repair itself, and prevents scarring. It contains powerful natural anti-inflammatories to soothe and reduce irritation,  provides deep hydration, and wards off the harmful effects of free radicals. 

This powerful bee venom serum is 8 times more potent than other bee venom serums to effectively strengthen skin cells and capillaries, and boost the production of healthy new skin cells and collagen. The potency of the bee venom is incredibly important when you consider that bee venom costs approximately $90,000 per kilo. That's why most bee venom serums contain very modest (and frequently ineffective) quantities.

Other ingredients include manuka honey, vinanza extract, mango seed butter, taumanu oil, kunzea essential oil, jojoba seed oil, chia seed oil ... and so much more.

Power Super Mask - (with bee venom and halloysite clay)

Rosacea Power Pack - Best Skincare routine for rosacea - Power Skin Solutions

The Power Super Mask is especially formulated to unclog and refine pores, and detoxify and exfoliate without the harsh scrubbing of exfoliants. It's an incredible way to exfoliate sensitive skin of any kind.

The mask prepares your skin to receive really good nutrition, removes dead cells, while soothing and de-stressing the skin. 

With 12 times the potency of other bee venom skincare products it's an absolute super power for strengthening your skin, and boosting the production of healthy skin cells.

Hero ingredients include bee venom, halloysite clay, manuka honey, sodium hyaluronate, kawakawa extract, vinanza extract, mango seed butter, kunzea essential oil, jojoba seed oil, chia seed oil ... and so much more.

Power Manuka & Reishi Oil

The Power Manuka & Reishi Night Oil is also a superfood - designed to protect your sensitive skin, and provide a different type of nutrition which balances and feeds your natural skin oils. The rejuvenation and anti-aging qualities of reishi mushroom are legendary. 

This night oil works to soothe and calm the skin reducing redness, blotchy patches, acne scarring, and hyper-pigmentation.

Hero ingredients include manuka oil, reishi mushroom extract, rose otto, lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, licorice extract, ylang ylang, mandarin essense oil, kawakawa extract and so much more... 

Save 20% With The Rosacea Power Pack

The Rosacea Power Pack includes the serum, mask and night oil for maximum effect.

It packs a beautiful and effective punch for eliminating the painful and distressing symptoms of rosacea like itchy red inflamed and irritated skin, pimples and pustules. It's very common to notice a significant difference within 3-5 days.

And, as an added bonus it'll make your skin look and feel more youthful, healthy and beautiful. Anti-aging - absolutely!

Choose the complete Rosacea Power Pack today to benefit from

  • The most complete and effective skincare range to treat your rosacea
  • Save 20% when you purchase as a package
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Protected with 100% money back guarantee
  • Eco-friendly production with sustainability of premium importance

The Rosacea Power Pack is the ultimate skincare pack for the prevention and treatment of Rosacea. Soothe, calm, heal, protect and rejuvenate your skin using high potency natural skincare with additional anti-aging benefits.

I've spent 40 years researching skincare solutions for rosacea and these products with bee venom and halloysiteclay are super exciting. If you have any questions about your rosacea, please email potentnature@powerskinsolutions.com - and make sure that you order your Rosacea Power Pack today. 

By Suzanne Hall - Internationally Acclaimed Natural Skincare Scientist and winner of 28 international awards. About Suzanne Hall

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