Have you noticed that skin symptoms can change all the time, depending on what your environment, nutrition and stress levels are? One month you may have pustules and the next flaky skin.

It can be tough to know how you manage the various symptoms when they are present, so we've created a skin care guide to help.

Simply adjust your skin care plan and regime in response to what is actually happening at the time.

In this guide you'll discover how to care for your care when you present with the following symptoms -

  • Your skin feels tight
  • You have visible aging and wrinkles
  • You have dry flaky patches of skin
  • You have pigmentation or age spots
  • You have hot inflamed areas
  • Eating dairy makes your skin worse
  • You have recently had surgery or have scars
  • You have dark red painful inflamed areas
  • Symptoms get worse with menstrual cycle
  • You have spider veins
  • Your skin feels oily and you have large pores
  • You have pustules
  • You think you may have the rosacea mite


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