Anti-ageing Face Lifting Massage For Beautiful Skin

Try this beautiful and relaxing DIY facial massage at home - with the Manuka and Reishi Night Oil, or oil of choice. It's an amazing way to keep your skin youthful and healthy. 

The facial massage detoxes, relaxes, promotes blood circulation restores balance, and prevents and reduces wrinkles.


Here are the instructions from the video -

 - Apply a generous amount of oil to your hands and warm the oil setting your intention.

- Press and connect with your skin, take deep slow breaths.

- Stroke upwards from your shoulders to your neck. This helps firm the neck area and gives definition to the jawline.

- Focus directly on the chin with your fingers. You can be quite firm with this. Put on your favourite song that inspires you.

- Swipe upwards and pinch the bottom of the ears as you reach the side of your face. This activates acupressure points and detoxes the skin.

- Sweep across the whole face remembering your intention.

- Get the circulation going in a rhythm and remember to always sweep upwards.

- When you get to your forehead, allow the tension to release… imagine calm, smooth skin and what you could let go of, and let go of it.

- Focus in the centre now, connecting with your center. Imagine - What brings you balance?

- For your eye area follow the direction starting from the inside of the eyebrow. Feel the acupressure points and again release the tension.

- Hold your hand over your third eye and imagine your skin soother and smooth.

- Use your knuckles in a circling motion on your forehead to stimulate and refresh your skin, bringing new blood and circulation.

- Reconnect with your skin and restate your intention. Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a warm smile.

Treat yourself to the facial massage 3 or 4 times per week, and your skin will absolutely love you for it - giving off a natural glow that you will adore, and others will notice.

Love your skin, and it'll thank you for it.

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