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The most wonderful thing about the Goodbye Acne Elixir is that it dries pimples without drying or damaging your skin. In fact, unlike other acne treatments it improves overall skin health - by nourishing and balancing the pH in your skin. The Goodbye Acne Elixir is designed to -

  • reduce and heal pimples
  • even skin tone
  • reduce and prevent acne scars
  • minimise the appearance of pores
  • reduce inflammation
  • balance oil production
  • may assist with reduction of blackheads

How Is This Different To Other Acne Treatments?

Most treatments for acne are effective at drying and reducing pimples, but many contribute to long term skin damage and acne scarring. 

With the Goodbye Acne Elixir we have combined active natural ingredients to dry pimples AND bring your skin into balance and best health. When we bring our skin into balance and give it the nutrients it needs to be its healthiest, the acne comes under control, acne scars are avoided, existing ones are softened, and we can have smooth luminous skin. 

The Goodbye Acne Elixir is 100% natural with zero nasties.

Who Is The Goodbye Acne Elixir Suitable For?

The Goodbye Acne Elixir is suitable for all skin types and is suitable for acne sufferers - young and not as young. The Goodbye Acne Elixir works equally well with teenage acne, adult acne, and hormonal acne.

Suitable for everyone - including breast feeding and vegan.


Kunzea Oil – anti-inflammatory, soothing

Manuka Oil – antimicrobial, skin balancing, protective

Ferrulic Acid – anti pollution, anti-acne

Kakadu Plum Extract – Vitamin C, reduces acne scars

Oil Soluble Vitamin C - Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (the most stable vitamin C) – reduces infection, promotes collagen and healing.

Baobab Oil – moisturising, Vitamin A, E and F, essential plant sterols, reduces degeneration and restores skin flexibility.

Sea Buckthorn Oil - skin hydration, elasticity, cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory reduce redness associated with rosacea.

Avocado Oil – high in vitamin E, potassium, lecithin and oleic acid that promotes collagen production in skin, protects against sun damage, moisturising, protective 

Camellia Oil – non-greasy skin feel, protective.

Xanthan Gum – soothing gel that absorbs readily.

Hyaluronic Acid – low molecular, to keep cells hydrated and healthy, also anti-aging.

Manuka Honey – reduces acne scars, heals scarring, antimicrobial, protective.

    Directions For Use

    Use on clean skin before bed after doing a double cleanse with either yoghurt cleansing or the gentle cleansing oil (it may sound scary to use oil on oily skin, but you’ll notice how well it works).

    Apply the elixir onto your clean skin. 

    It’s good to change your pillow case every couple of days, and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the wash water.

    Using a zinc based sunblock can also help heal acne. Zinc is a good anti-inflammatory ingredient, and promotes healing in the skin. Use brands where you avoid the nasties.

    Day 1

    Day 2


    Rinse face with tepid water.

    Apply Goodbye Acne Elixir.

    Apply zinc based sunscreen in summer.

    If you have lots of pustules, use the yoghurt cleansing process in the morning.

    Green smoothie with Colloidal minerals and colloidal silver.


    Rinse face with tepid water.

    Apply Goodbye acne elixir.

    Apply zinc based sunscreen in summer.

    If you have lots of pustules, use the yoghurt cleansing process in the morning.

    Green smoothie with Colloidal minerals and colloidal silver.


    Afternoon when you get home

    Cleansing with either yoghurt or Gentle Cleansing oil. Apply Goodbye acne elixir.

    Cleansing with either yoghurt or Gentle Cleansing oil. 

    Apply Goodbye acne elixir OR Apply a thin layer of Power Super Mask and leave for 20 – 30 mins, then rinse off and apply Goodbye acne


    If you’ve cleansed in the afternoon, just rinse your face with tepid water.

    Apply Goodbye Acne Elixir to whole face.

    Apply a thin layer of Power Super Mask to any really bad areas and leave overnight.

    Change pillow slip

    Rinse face with tepid water before sleeping.

    Apply Goodbye Acne Elixir

    A magnesium supplement or MSM supplement can be really helpful too, especially to reduce stress and help sleep.


    Why Do We Recommend The Ultimate Skin Smoothie?

    Your skin health is ultimately a reflection of your internal health, and is best improved by treating both internally and externally.

    The Ultimate Skin smoothie contains green leafy vegetables which contain chlorophyll which is unbelievably good for cleansing the blood.

    You'll find the recipe here.

    How Quickly Does It Work?

    It only takes a few uses to see a reduction in acne, but it does take some time for all the layers of the skin to be replenished, and new more robust cells to emerge. So, you can enjoy immediate benefits, and expect to see a real difference over a few months.

    Please take photos before you start using the products, because when we look at our skin each day it’s hard to remember what it was like - and then you get to celebrate the progress.

    How Long Should A Bottle Last?

    The Goodbye Acne Serum is in a 50ml airless pump bottle to keep it in great condition for 18 months once opened and should last you approximately 3 months with average use.

    Works Brilliantly With

    To follow the recommended regime above you will also need the

    • Power Cleansing Oil (or natural yoghurt for cleansing)
    • Power Super Mask (contains bee venom)

    Plus, mixing the Power Super Serum with the Vitamin C Power Serum creates a wonderful moisturiser that is suitable for use on acne. 

    We recommend TJ Clark supplements which are plant derived, 100% natural, with superior absorption and enhanced bio-availability. Please see here for more information on MSM and Magnesium. 

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