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If you’re prone to pustules on your face, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a recent survey we undertook, over 36% of rosacea and acne sufferers experience pustules on a relatively frequent basis.

Women or men; young or a tad older - anyone can get them.

What Is A Pustule?

A pustule looks like a big pimple which is full of a white or yellow fluid called "pus".

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Why Pustules Occur?

Pustules occur when you have some sort of infection, and your body is trying to fight it off with white blood cells. Infected fluid and dead white blood cells can mix to create pus, which builds up under your skin, or in a pore – to form pustules.

In other words, pustules are a sign that your body’s system is out of balance, and that you have one or more of the following going on -

  • bacterial infection in inflamed skin,
  • a struggling immune system,
  • hormonal imbalance, or
  • over cleansing which upsets the acid mantle.

How To Prevent & Treat Pustules On Your Face

There are 3 ways to prevent pustules from occurring, and some very easy ways to treat them once they do.

  1. Reduce inflammation in your body and skin

Reducing the amount of refined sugar that you consume is a great start as refined sugar is highly inflammatory, and refined sugar makes your body more acidic which bacteria love.

Heaps of green leafy vegetables and ample water intake make a difference too. You could try the Ultimate Skin Smoothie 2-3 times per week.

Look for natural skin care products that include natural anti-inflammatories and anti-bacterials. Phenomenal ingredients include bee venom, Kunzea Oil and Kawakawa Extract.

  1. Build a healthy immune system

Make sure that you’re eating healthily and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. (Sunshine is an awesome source of Vitamin D and does wonders for your immune system.)

Make sure you’re getting at least 2000mg of vitamin C per day to help prevent pustules, but if you already have pustules increase this to 5000mg a day for about a week. Spread your vitamin C intake throughout the day as your body can’t process that much at once.

Also include a Multi Vitamin, and/or vitamin B, and zinc in your diet.

(NB If you’re stressed, or your skin is dry also add 5000mg of Evening Primrose Oil per day.)

Healthy immune system for no more pustules -  Power Skin Solutions
  1. Restore the health of your skin’s acid mantle

A healthy acid mantle with the correct pH level prevents bad bacteria from growing.

Your cleansing routine and products can make a big difference here.

A yoghurt double cleanse with either dairy or coconut unsweetened yoghurt once a day is brilliant for prevention. (If you have pustules increase this to twice a day – morning and evening).

Yoghurt is the perfect pH for your skin, and will not strip your skin of it's natural oils. With a double cleanse, yoghurt will also help to clear pores which when clogged form pustules.

But you may need more help than that...

The Power Super Mask features bee venom and NZ halloysite clay, so is amazing for pustules. It clears pores and draws toxins out from the skin gently, with phenomenal anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Plus, the bee venom stimulates collagen production naturally making skin stronger, stimulating the production of healthy new skin cells, and making skin more elastic and beautiful.

Natural skin care products that treat the bacterial infection, maintain a healthy acid mantle, and provide all the nourishment your skin needs to heal and be healthy, will not only eliminate pustules; they'll prevent them from coming back.

What About Anti-biotics For Pustules?

Doctors and dermatologists frequently prescribe anti-biotics for pustules, as these can make a big difference when it comes to clearing an infection.

Unfortunately, anti-biotics also have a negative impact on the immune system. As a short term fix anti-biotics can be brilliant. As a long term solution they can cause more harm than good, and make you even more susceptible to pustules.

We suggest that if you’re prescribed a short term course of anti-biotics for an extreme case of pustules to finish the course. You can counter the harm they may cause by increasing your intake of pre-biotics and pro-biotics - eg kombucha and sauercraut.

If you’re prescribed anti-biotics for long term use – just don’t.

What’s The Difference Between Pustules and Papules?

While a pustule is a yellowish pimple which results from infection of some kind, a papule is more like a white pimple and is not a sign of infection.

Recommended Daily Skin Care Routine


  • Double cleanse with yoghurt
  • Apply Goodbye Acne, followed by Rosacea Daily Support Moisturiser
  • Apply a good natural sunscreen with zinc – (if required, eg outdoors in sun for more than approx. 20 minutes). You want to let at least a little sun on your face.


  • Double cleanse with yoghurt
  • Apply Power Super Serum to whole face
  • Spot apply Power Super Mask to pustules

(Twice a week – instead of using the Power Super Serum, apply the Power Super Mask to your whole face and leave on ideally overnight, or for at least 20 minutes)

Pillow Case and Phone

If you have pustules remember to change your pillow case daily, and wipe your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe to stop the cycle of infection.

Clean phone to stop pustules

In A Nutshell –

Pustules are a sign that

  • your immune system is under stress
  • your skin’s acid mantle is damaged
  • infection is present.

It’s recommended to address all of these contributing factors to enjoy healthy clear skin which is free from pustules.

You may wish to increase your intake of Vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, and if you’re stressed or suffering from dry skin as well include Evening Primrose Oil.

Remember to change your pillow case daily, and wipe your phone daily with an anti-bacterial wipe or similar.

We recommend a double cleanse with natural unsweetened yoghurt (dairy or coconut) twice daily, and a skin care routine which includes the

Now that you have a full arsenal at your disposal it's time to kick pustules to the curb. How awesome would that feel?

Drop us a note at potentnature@powerskinsolutions.com if you have any questions. Oh, and by the way - if you're ready to give this regime a crack, make sure you save 20% on all orders over $150 with the code "Power20" applied at checkout.


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