Sunscreen Tips For Your Face

I love Summer! Hanging out by the water, going bush, camping, bike rides, enjoying barbeques and picnics with friends and family – and generally enjoying the great outdoors.

Slapping a bit of sunscreen on your face to protect you from sun damage, sun burn, skin cancer, and premature aging is a tiny price to pay for so much natural fun and goodness.

Slip Slop Slap

There’s the wise slogan that most of us have grown up with - slip, slop, slap - that still holds true.

Slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen, and slap on a hat, and it’s even more important when you have skin challenges such as rosacea. Sun and heat can trigger a flare up, which can definitely be a downer.

But there’s a ray of light, that can make sun damage and flare ups a thing of the past.

Gotta Love Zinc

Zinc is an ingredient in many sunscreens which is excellent for sun protection – especially for your face. And if you use the right zinc sunscreen, it’s also incredibly healing, cooling, and soothing for rosacea, and tones down the redness. Plus, it doesn’t clog up your skin.

Zinc sunscreens have evolved. You don’t need the old heavy cakey zinc sunscreen any longer. They can be nice and light, and easy to apply.

As always, we recommend sticking with natural skin care products to avoid nasty ingredients that can damage your skin and health, but the really good plant based sunscreens with zinc can have a downside.

They can tend to make whatever you have on under the sunscreen bead off. That’s because decent plant based sunscreens contain at least 20% zinc which can suck up some of the oils and things in your moisturisers.

Slop “n” Pat

The best way to avoid this beading is to slop some of the sunscreen into your hand, and “pat” it onto your face over top of your day cream or moisturiser, rather than massaging it in.

If you know that sun and heat is likely to cause a rosacea flare up, then applying Skin Soother under the sunscreen can prevent a flare up. If you need a foundation as well, then a mineral foundation with zinc is absolutely the way to go.

When Do I Use Sunscreen?

Vitamin D is essential for good health, so it’s good to have a little sun on your face from time to time (unless you’ve been using steroids which tend to make your skin super sensitive to sun).

As a general rule of thumb I’ll apply sunscreen if I’m likely to be exposed to sun for any more than 15-20 minutes.  

What Sunscreen Do I Recommend?

I've recently discovered Goodbye Sunscreen and I'm a believer, which is why we've decided to team up. 



What you'll really notice about 100% natural Goodbye Sunscreen is that it doesn’t have any moisture in it, being oil based. That means it lasts incredibly well and is easier to apply than others. It has an SPF factor of either 40 or 50, 2 to 4 hours protection in the water, and is great for the face including lips.

I'm finding that I don’t need a foundation with the Goodbye sunscreen as it provides plenty of protection, and does a great job of toning down redness. It feels really calming and soothing on my skin.

And if the mozzies are biting I’ve also started using their natural bug and insect repellent which works brilliantly.

I really love the stance of Goodbye Sunscreen on environmental impact with recycling pick up chains, and their sunscreen “tins” which can be personalised.

Bring On The Sunshine

So, I’m pretty much set for Summer now. Feeling really confident about getting out and about without risking damaging my skin, or inviting wrinkles.

All I need now – is the sunshine, and my favourite wine.



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