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Power Twin Pack - Super Mask 50ml and Super Serum 30ml


The Power Twin Pack is a supremely powerful combination that will help your skin to boost collagen production naturally. It provides super nutrition, deep hydration AND draws toxins from your skin while unclogging and refine pores without harsh scrubbing.

Superb for anti-aging, rosacea, acne, removal of dark spots - and overall skin health and beauty.

Products in this pack include:

    1. Bee Venom Super Serum for younger, brighter and vibrant skin
      This powerful bee venom serum helps combat the effects of urban pollution. Bee venom stimulates repair and radiance, Manuka honey and the unique Vinanza extract from Kiwi and grapes, brightens and tightens your skin, boosting hydration, radiance and rapid repair, bringing out your power and beauty. This is the basis to giving your skin protection and constant repair throughout the day, building radiance and luminosity.
    2. Bee venom Super Mask for stunning ageless skin
      With high concentrations of super ingredients, this powerful bee venom mask combats the effects of urban pollution, stimulating repair and radiance. The ingredients stimulate collagen production and leave your skin feeling really soft and supple. This concentrated mask can be used twice weekly as a mask, or a thin layer can be applied and left on overnight. The potent manuka honey and concentrated plant extracts are designed to promote skin smoothness and beauty.

Let's start with what isn't in this Twin Pack. This pack is 100% natural and does not contain parabens, alcohol, petrolatum, silicons, sulfates, BHA or DEA.

The ingredients contained in the twin pack include -Manuka honey, bee venom, mango seed butter, kunzea essential oil, coconut extracts, jojoba seed oil, halloysite clay, plant derived glycerine, avocado oil, water, taumanu oil, sodium hyaluronate, kawakawa extract, kiwi extract, grape extract, deydroacetic acid & benzyl alcohol (a good alcohol), chia seed oil, yuzu oil, dehydroxanthan gum, and potassium sorbate.

When used daily as directed the twin pack should last approximately 3 months.

If you have extremely sensitive skin, or are allergic to bees we recommend patch testing prior to widespread use. Reactions are rare but they do happen. Bee venom is a powerful and natural ingredient which we use because it is highly effective in most situations.

If you do react please contact us on potentnature@powerskinsolutions.com. We will guide you through it and either find a solution for you, or provide a refund.

This product qualifies for Free Worldwide Shipping.

The Manuka and Reishi Night Oil works beautifully with the twin pack. And there's something special that happens when you mix a drop of the Super Serum with 2-4 drops of the Night Oil. It's just divine to use, and the Night Oil will help to restore the natural pH balance in your skin.

Please see https://powerskinsolutions.com/products/power-master-pack.

If you have any other questions please contact us on potentnature@powerskinsolutions.com.

High potency 100% natural skincare. Designed for maximum effectiveness, and sheer luxury to use.

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