3 Ways To Fix Dry Or Scaly Winter Skin On Face

It’s very common for the skin on your face to become more dry or scaly in Winter. And the best way to address it is make a slight change to your skin care regime, and diet.

Dry and scaly skin on the face often happens in the winter when there’s cold air outside, and a change in temperature when we go inside.

That kind of extreme change is tough for our precious skin to adjust to, and here’s 3 things we can do to give it a hand.

1. Minimise Extreme Blasts Of Temperature On Face

It’s really good to pay attention to where air flow is directed, and where possible try to protect our face from blasts of air. As an example, when you’re in the car try not to direct the warm air blast from the heater directly onto the face.

2. Provide Additional Dietary And Nutritional Support

If your skin is really dry or scaly it’s a sign that you need more good fats in your diet such as cis fatty acids. Olive oil, avocados, salmon and coconut oil are good.

The benefits of adding Evening Primrose Oil and MCT oil to your dietary intake are huge, and you’ll see some results very quickly with these.

Evening Primrose Oil is also exceptionally good for helping to balance your skin if you have any skin issues which seem to be hormonal.

You can either add the Evening Primrose Oil and MCT Oil to your Ultimate Skin Smoothie,  or just drink them directly.

It’s also even more important when your skin is under the stress of Winter to avoid bad fats such as processed fats and trans fatty acids. Yes, the potato crisps, fried foods, and greasy takeaways do not help.

Collagen really helps too. Try a good bone broth; or adding some collagen (either bovine or marine collagen) to your wonderful home-made nutritious soups.

I often make bulletproof coffee which is a fantastic addition for winter months for your skin.

How To Make Skin Support Bulletproof Coffee -

Brew some coffee, add to it a tablespoon of butter or MCT, and a tablespoon of collagen. I like to add a little bit of cinnamon, vanilla and stevia as well. Put it in your blender and give it a good blend. It comes out into this lovely frothy enjoyable drink. It tastes much better than it sounds, and it's really worth trying.

And if you're not used to having fats like that, maybe start off with a teaspoon of MCT oil or butter and then slowly build it up. It's a great breakfast when you're on the run.

You've got all the protein from the collagen. It's really supportive for your skin. And it really helps deal with those dry scaly patches.

3. Adjust Skin Care Regime

In Winter your skin really benefits from more oil – both internally as I mentioned above but also externally applied to your skin.

For myself, I always mix about 2/3 Manuka and Reishi Night Oil with 1/3 Super Serum from Power Skin Solutions. I massage that onto my skin in the morning, and then wait a couple of minutes. Then I add my moisturiser on top of that.

And at night, or after getting home and doing a double cleanse, I massage oil onto my skin as well. I'll do ¾ Manuka and Reishi Night Oil with ¼ Super Serum and put it on quite generously. I'll leave that on until the morning when I rinse my face and apply Super Serum and Night Oil again.

That goes a long way to preventing and remedying your dry skin on face.

Here's To Healthy Winter Skin

So there you have it – all the tips you need for healthy beautiful Winter Skin.

  1. Avoid direct blasts of air onto your face
  2. Add additional nutritional support such as Evening Primrose Oil, MCT Oil, Collagen and cis fatty acids to your diet, and avoid processed fats and trans fatty acids.
  3. Increase your use of Manuka and Reishi Night Oil to include day time as well

And what’s even better is that this approach is rosacea friendly, and great for your overall wellbeing and health.

Here's to healthy happy Winter Days from the team at Power Skin Solutions 😊.

By Suzanne Hall - MNZM | Founder - Power Skin Solutions

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